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Sunday, October 21, 2012

In which I finally understand ... Chanel and Dior Eyeshadow

I love higher end products. I like to treat myself occasionally to a luxurious lipstick or eyeshadow palette. A few months ago, I went crazy on a blog sale and  eBay and purchased some Chanel and Dior eyeshadow palettes. Now, I will tell you that my favorite shadows are Urban Decay and MAC. I love the pigmentation, color selection and ease of use. I would say most of my eyeshadow are UD. But, I gave into the hype that is Dior and Chanel and spent a fortune portion of my beauty budget to try these and was sorely disappointed. For one, pigmentation... when one is used to Urban Decay.

I think for me, I needed to understand that ideal and purpose behind these brands. Urban Decay is about bold, cool and making a statement whereas the other two are more classic and chic. Once, I finally got that in my head, I have been enjoying the classic style of my Dior 5 color eyeshadow palettes and my Chanel duos. I just needed to grasp the concepts of each brand considering the money was spent and I needed to find a place in my makeup wardrobe for these higher end shadows. I'm not saying everyone needs these shadows(unlike the Urban Decay Naked Palettes) but they are a nice touch to any makeup collection.

I'm loving my Chanel Duo in Misty/Soft which is a purple-taupe duo perfect for Fall and for a day wear look. As well, the little mini of Dior Stylish Moves is getting a lot of wear too.

Any products that disappointed you but you've found a place for ?

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