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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Low Buy : Update #2

I started a low-buy at the beginning of November.  Here are a few posts to bring you up to date: initial post and update #1. While, I am still following through with the low buy, I haven't been able to stay within my budget. I think that I needed to replace items and that left almost no room for a treat or two. I'm not beating myself up about going over budget as I've reduced my spending drastically.  The goal of $100/month will still apply as I continue to lower my spending and enjoy what I own.  I'm wanting to buy new furniture for the living room, so that will be even more incentive to stay within the budget.   I exchanged a few items that did not work for me and used a gift card and credit. Technically, I went out of budget after those deductions. However, we received an unexpected bonus, so I allowed myself to buy a few extra treats.  Here are the items I purchased since the last update.

I purchased these items with returns/store credit so nothing out of pocket.
1. fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream - This is my daily face cream , and I ran out of my sample.
2. NARS Guy Bourdin LE Blush in Day Dream:  This has been on my wishlist ,and I decided to buy it. I highly recommend this one as it is peachy pink without shimmer.
3. Koh Gen Do Spa Cleansing water: Joyce from Bronzer Bunny made me buy this! (lol)
4. Tarte Amazonian Clay Skinny Smolder Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner in Onyx: I've been looking for a black eyeliner for my waterline that lasts, and so far this does a great job.

These items: gift card
1. REN 4 piece
2. FAB Radiance Kit

Purchases made with budgeted amount:
1. NAKED 3 $56
2. Stila CC in Rose $18.75 ( Stila F&F price)
3. Vitacost: $28 (Andalou Naturals Eye Serum/ 100%Squalene Facial Oil)

So, I went over a little ,but I'm still happy with this month. I'm learning to be more careful with the amount I spend and to not buy endlessly for fear of missing out on the next big thing.

Are you on a low buy or spending ban? What are some techniques you use to avoid over-spending?


  1. Hey I think you are doing excellent so far!!! How's it been going since this post??? I went almost 2weeks without buying anything wool!!! I've since made some purchases, but like you mentioned I think it's more the overall total that I'm trying to lower...oh and to also not do so much panic buying. So far feeling pretty good, especially in light of the spring collections...even with that not much has caught my eye!!

  2. Sounds like you're doing great! I haven't purchased one thing since this post. I can't believe it. Lol I've been trying to focus on using up products and minimizing extras that I just don't love. Thanks for commenting.