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Monday, October 28, 2013

Let's Talk Spending Bans and Low Buys:

There comes a point in time in life that it's time to admit that a low-buy is in order at my house. September is my birthday month.  So, I spent a fortune great deal on makeup and skincare. And with blog sale earnings, it was like Christmas. However, I had a serious soul-searching session and realized that I went overboard with spending. Thus, I made the decision to do a low- buy for the next 3-6 months. I will admit that I am horrible with complete spending bans. I am never successful and end up feeling guilty because I buy a new beauty treat. However, low-buys with set spending amounts work well for me when I need to curtail spending and enjoy my makeup collection.

This is the plan that I've set for my low- buy:

1. Skin care can be purchased if needed. I'm currently in the market for a new toner, and that is really all I will need as far as skin care. If I run out of items, I may repurchase if I do not have a suitable backup. This will come out of the monthly set amount.

2. I have set a monthly amount of $100/per month. Trust me, this is a low amount and includes blog sale earnings as well. In the past, I've not counted blog sale money, but the extra amount(if I have a sale) can go toward savings, household or Christmas presents for the children.

3.I can spend the allotted amount in any way or form that I would like, But, after it's spent, it's gone.  If I spend it all at the beginning of the month, then I'm done for the month. I can save the previous monthly amount but cannot spend from future months.

4. Gift cards may or may not count. I've not decided how I will approach this aspect. If I'm planning to enjoy what I have more in my collection, then constantly adding huge hauls to it will defeat the purpose of the low-buy. I'll update this one as soon as I make a decision.

5. I will not do a major haul before or after the low- buy. Items that I need will come out of the monthly set amount. For instance, I'm almost out of my holy grail NARS concealer, but I will not pre-buy.

6. I will try to blog weekly to make myself more accountable and to share how the low buy is going.

7. Beauty Subscription Boxes are included and will be deducted from the monthly spending amount.

What do you think? Interested in joining me? Have you done a successful low-buy or spending ban? Please leave a comment and let me know.


  1. good for you! I think $100 is totally a good number. I tried to do $25 a month (or was it $50?) this time last year and i remember spending like $400 last nov AFTER gift cards and such. LOL. i can go about 3 weeks without any spending at all but after that it is always hard lol. BUT i have done spending budgets and managed okay the first few months - like $30-60ish. Ugh i have been trying to do low buy but failing lol

  2. LOL I understand. In the past, if I attempt a complete ban, I spend more than normal. It's hard to curtail spending when there are so many pretty things. Thanks for reading.