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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Copycat Post: Products I Love to Hate #1

I saw this post on The Sunday Girl and thought it was a brilliant idea. If you've not checked out her blogs, you are seriously missing out. She posts several very informative and beautiful posts daily with a great variety in mind. And while, Adrienne may post from Scotland , I love reading her take on products, hauls, and reviews. In fact, The Sunday Girl was one of my very first beauty blog follows. Once, I stayed up on a work night and read as much of her blog as possible. So, yes it's that good.  On to the products I love to hate... 

Essie Nail Polish:  These suckers chip like crazy on my nails and that's even using a top coat. Every shade... Every Time.. But, I keep buying them. In fact, I paid full price for a few of Fall 2013 collection and had a few in my cart during my last trip to Walgreen's.It's a sickness. All of those beautiful shades (especially the duo-chromes) just call my name. And, I answer so wantonly. I'm not sure why I keep spending my hard-earned money on Essie when I know some of the other drugstore brands work better. 

Dior Eye Shadow Palettes: In all seriousness, I'm always drawn in by other blogger buys on these. Case in point: the beautiful Dior Fall  Bonne Etoile 5 Color Palette. This was gorgeous in the packaging. I swear I lost sleep trying to find this one. Every blogger had it ,and it was sold out. By some chance, I found one at Macy's for my birthday and yes you guessed it... I shelled out almost $65 for it with my birthday stash. But oh my word, I couldn't get the colors to show up on my eyelids. I tried with a brush, with a primer, with my MAC paint pot, with my fingers and, no success was found.  And, this is not even the first experience I've had with Dior shadows causing disappointment, and I know better. I still love the shades in the palette and, friends, it physically hurt to sell it in my blog-sale. 

MAC Nude Lipsticks (sight unseen):  Man, I love MAC lipsticks. But, every nude shade I've ordered online from MAC is never right for me. But, each time a new nude shade is presented, it goes into my online cart and I swiftly hit submit order. I know I don't like their nudes ever. They tend to be too orange, too brown, or too light. Just to let you know, I purchased RiRi's version of nude which was an obvious brown shade, but hey I got it anyway praying it would work.  But, it didn't! In turn,I also bought Antonio Lopez 3 Lips compact in nude... didn't work. And, there are countless others that have been casualties in my nude pursuit.  On the other hand, I've got a perfect nude that I love, (Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey), but yet I still search for a MAC one to add to my collection. 

Monthly Subscription Boxes: These are my downfall.  It  all started with Birchbox. Since then, I've tried quite a few : Glossybox, Beauty Army, Beauty Test Tube, Total Beauty Collection boxes, VeganCuts, KlutchKlub, and a few more I cannot recall at this moment. And I'm always in awe the great items others receive, and I sign up. But for some reason, my box is always a flop. I end up with tons of samples(see my October Sampler post) and high levels of disappointment.  The only box I was happy with: a one off offer at Glossybox (for July 2012), but I'm hard pressed to name others. I should just stop signing up for these because I love the idea. But , I hate what I get. Epic fail!

Don't forget to check out The Sunday Girl. Any products you have a love/hate relationship with? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading my blog!


  1. Haha I agree with so many :) thank you for sharing this post and for your kind words too!

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting. I enjoyed the post on your blog so much that I had to copy. Ha ha