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Friday, October 25, 2013

October Sampler: Follow Up Post

At the beginning of October I joined Gummy Vision and bronzer bunny  for October Sampler. You can read all about this challenge here . At the beginning , I had no idea how I would do in the challenge with my hoarding collecting tendencies. As you can see from the before picture, I had a great deal to use or share . I am happy to say that I was able to scale down my samples to a very manageable amount. How did I work through this lot?



1. I used quite a few personally. After a few weeks of using the skincare items, I had to pass those along as the changing of products wrecked havoc on my skin. My skin is fickle and likes a certain regime. But, the makeup and body products were a treat to use up as some new items. I even found a few products that I'll be purchasing for my collection.

2. I included extras in blog sale purchases. I knew there were some products I would not be able to use due to skin sensitivity and preference, so those were given as thank you items for buying from my sale.

3. I gifted a few of the unused deluxe samples to my family members. I also put aside a few of body care items (lotion, etc) for my children to give as teacher gifts.  

4. I did throw out some of the multi-use samples that I did not like/did not work for me. I discovered I still hate Purity skin cleanser(ha ha!).

5. And finally, I have placed a few of the deluxe samples unused to be part of a giveaway I will be having as a thank-you to my readers. Yes, all 7 of you. The odds are good in that aspect of the giveaway. P.S I love you all for taking the time to read my ramblings as I embark on a new journey with the blog.

As well, I feel so much better not having these lying around in my makeup closet. And, it's inspired me to do a low-buy for the next few months, so that I will enjoy some of the beautiful makeup that I already own and love.

Finally, thank you to Gummy and Joyce for inspiring me to take part and for being so gracious with my incessant tweeting.

Did you participate in the challenge? I would love to hear your thoughts. Anyone care to join in a low-buy?



  1. Replies
    1. Awe thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I really enjoyed the challenge and now have more room to hoard more samples. LOL

  2. Good work, Dawn! I found you through Gummy and Bunny. [Now don't "Gummy" and "Bunny" sound like '50s debutantes from Dixie?]

  3. LOL Sure do! Thanks for visiting.