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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Current Skin Care: Toners

I'm continuing on with my skin care series. I started with cleansers, so check out this post if you missed it.
Toners are very important part of a skin care regimen in my opinion. For some, it may not be a necessary step. But, since starting using toners again after the skin dissolving  80's products, I've had a significant improvement in skin tone and texture.

When choosing toners, be sure to choose one for your correct skin type. And, try to find one that is alcohol free and with good ingredients. I use both hydrating and exfoliating toners in my regime. These are the ones I recommend for normal/dry/sensitive skin types. Most brands I've listed do have choices for those with combo and oily skin. So, check those out as I highly recommend this brands.

My choice for an exfoliating toner is theBalm White Tea & Geranium Face Toner ($14.50). This one is full of healthy ingredients like AHA's for all skin types. As well, it's paraben, phthalate,  synthetic dye and cruelty free. It is very gentle and the scent is very minimal. Right now, this is my favorite toner. I use this every 2-3 days but the site states it can be used daily. My skin is very sensitive, so I tend to use it minimally. If you choose one toner, get this one. I will definitely  be repurchasing soon, as it really does the job of exfoliating without irritation and leaves my skin soft and toned.

The other toners I use  are hydrating toners recommended for dry/sensitive/dehydrated skin.  Both  of these do a great job of toning but of the listed, I prefer the Acure Organics Seriously Hydrating Toner($16). It has the most natural organics and has no fragrance. I prefer my skin care to have minimal fragrance, as this seems to cause reactions and breakouts for me. The Michael Todd Cranberry Anti-ox Hydrating Toner($18) is ok, but it smells of perfume to me so I will not be repurchasing. 

Finally, I will on occasion if my skin is really acting c-razy use Thayer's Alcohol- Free Witch Hazel Toner in Lavender/Aloe ($8). Now, I do like the way witch hazel treats my skin, but it must be alcohol free. The alcohol laded witch hazel is too astringent and burns my face. But, this one is gentle with all natural ingredients that will not cause break outs or irritation.  This one does have fragrance but it's not overpowering. The fragrance comes from the lavender itself so it's not bothersome.  This one does a good job of calming down redness, too. 

All of the toners are quite budget friendly and are widely available.  

And what toning regimen would be complete without cotton pads. I am very particular about the pads I use ,as I cannot stand those that fall apart or leave cotton on my face. I've used high end to low end ,and my favorite by far are Up & Up (Target) oval cotton rounds ($2.99/50). These are extremely soft and do not fall apart when used. Plus, they are dual sided with a gently exfoliating side.  I really like the size as well, as it only takes one for the whole face.  My local grocery sells a house brand that is equally as good, so I'm good to go if I can't make it to Target. 

Thanks for reading this post. What are your go to toners? 

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