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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Shopping My Stash : Non Makeup Edition #1

I've noticed I have too many half-used products hanging around in my bathroom. The purpose of this post is to make me accountable and to use up products that need to go. Excuse that dumpster fire in the back--- that's some items from my blog sale.

1. First, we have the cult favorite of Shiseido cotton pads. I really don't care for these at all. For me, I prefer a larger oval pad. I've had these for over a year just hanging around in my bathroom closet. I don't find them to be anything special but to each his/her own.

2. First Aid Beauty Total Repair Wash: This is a wash that can be used on the whole body including the face. I don't care for all purpose washes, so I think that is why I haven't finished it. It's not bad. And, it is very gentle with good ingredients for sensitive skin. I'll finish it, but I won't be repurchasing.

3. Honey Goo: This is an Etsy purchase. It is a good makeup remover/face scrub, but my face feels like an oil slick after using this. And, my face is dry.  It is all natural and has good ingredients, but I don't like the fact I have to triple cleanse following use of this on my face. I'm going to use it as a body scrub and see how it goes.

4. Unite 7 second leave-in conditioner: Another blog hyped product (to the tune of almost $30 and a Hollywood favorite). Not impressive to me... I have several other leave-ins that work as well or better. It's almost done,and I will be so happy. I'm tired of this staring at me in the bathroom.

5. Pureology Hydrate Conditioner: I do like Pureology, but I've found great organic/vegan/etc brand in Acure Organics that works as well or better.  I don't care for the minty smell or stingy scalp from this. I plan to finish this one and move on forever.

6. Acure Organics Seriously Hydrating Toner:(not shown): The one lone product that I like from the group. I'm planning to buy again once I finish up the other toners. Or I may just buy it anyway because I love it so much.

Any products you are trying to use up?

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