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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The October Sampler

Samples are a perk of purchasing beauty products. They can be a positive especially when 
one wants to try before buying. On the other hand, these goodies can multiply and become unmanageable in an already brimming makeup collection. 

I have quite a few multi use samples, so I plan to try and use up all those mascaras and perfume samples. Yes, I have a serious problem with samples. I actually like to try before I buy, but this is out of control. I also have a few more samples that came today not pictured that I plan to use up as well.  

Gummy Vision and Bronzer Bunny have a solution to an over-run sample collection. Thus, the October Sampler. The idea is to use up as many samples as possible and at the end of the month revisit the collection for usage. I'm joining in with these ladies to do this sample month in hopes of using up some stuff!  
We will see what I can use up. 

Here are the rules taken from Gummy Vision's post:

* Take a picture of the samples we have at the beginning of the month, so others know what we have to work through.   
* The goal is to finish as many samples as possible, but if we don't like a multi-use sample then we aren't obligated to finish it unless we want to.  
* Keep the samples that have been finished (or partially finished) to take a picture of at the end of the month. 
* When we are done for the month, write up a post that includes the first picture with all the samples, and also the second picture that shows what we actually used. 
Here are ways to join in: 
 If you'd like to join in, please leave a comment on either Gummy or Bronzer Bunny's blog, via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook...or just leave a link to your first blog post in the comments of those blogs!! But even if you don't have a blog you can still  join :-)   
Twitter: Gummy @McGummerson, Bronzer Bunny @bronzerbunny  #octobersampler
Instagram: Gummy @McGummerson , Bronzer Bunny @bronzerbunny #octobersampler
Facebook: Gummy @GummyVision 
Bronzer Bunny's blog: Bronzer Bunny 


  1. Thank you so much for the mention!!! And I'm so excited you are doing October Sampler with us!!! It's ambitious but I think I'm going to try 4 today? I was able to eliminate a few already bc they have ingredients I can't use...hey whatever gets the pile smaller, right!! Did you use any yesterday or today yet?

    1. Thanks for commenting. I'm a failure... I didn't use any yesterday. LOL But, I have several ready for the shower. Oh and yes I have a few I have to eliminate due to ingredients, too. I'm excited to join in. It's such a great idea!